Zing Somerset Health Trainer Service


The Zing Somerset Health Trainer service helps people who need support in changing to a healthier lifestyle.   A health trainer can help with healthy eating, weight management, reducing stress, becoming more physically active or other issues that impact on a person’s health and wellbeing.

Zing Somerset Health Trainer’s offer weight management support, sensible drinking and managing stress on a one to one basis both in person or telephone support.   New for 2016, this will extend to offering lifestyle groups for both adults only and children and their families.  This will usually be held in a community setting.   During these sessions you will be supported to decide on a number of personal health goals and how best to achieve them, or the service can signpost you onto other appropriate services.

Please phone 0800 412 5502 / 01460 238254 or email lifestyle.hub@sompar.nhs.uk  for further information on one to one support and/or visit http://www.zingsomerset.co.uk/


When/where a health professional (for example a GP, Cancer Nurse Specialist, Practice Nurse) feels that someone would benefit from participating in a physical activity to support and/or improve their health and wellbeing they can refer that person to the Referral to Exercise Scheme.

Having been referred the individual will be able to contact a leisure provider to have a consultation with an Exercise Referral Co-ordinator.  At this appointment the benefits from enrolling and what is on offer under the scheme will be discussed.  On enrolling there will be a fee payable as discussed at the initial consultation to the leisure provider of choice.

If additional support is required by an individual to attend an exercise scheme this can be discussed with the leisure provider.  Staff are usually available of provide advice or it may be possible to bring a friend, relative or carer to provide that support.

If this scheme interests you please speak to your GP or another health professional involved in your care and ask for a referral.  To start the process the health professional will complete the referral form for you to contact the leisure provider of your choice.