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Why choose us?

The Step Up service is a fatigue management service for adult cancer survivors who are struggling to cope with daily activities due to fatigue related symptoms following completion of their primary cancer treatments.

The service has been set up in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and is the first of its kind in the country.  The service aims to support and enable people living with and beyond cancer to engage in daily activities despite experiencing significant fatigue and Step Up to the challenge of learning about and confidently employing self-management strategies.

The Step Up service is led by Macmillan Consultant Occupational Therapists and comprises an inter professional team of specialist health care practitioners.

What we offer

If you meet our referral criteria, you will initially be offered a clinic appointment where you will be able to discuss your health needs and how the Step Up service might be able to help you.  Treatment options are agreed with you based on personal preferences.  This could include 1:1 consultations or attending one of our group lifestyle management programmes or a combination of these options.

Our part-time group programmes are held here at the RNHRD in Bath and in the community.  Programmes provide in depth information on management strategies for coping better with the effects of post cancer fatigue and aim to help cancer survivors achieve personally acceptable lifestyle changes and maximise their wellbeing. The group also provides an opportunity to discuss experiences of post cancer fatigue with others in a similar position which can be very helpful.

We can also provide specific help and support with work/vocational rehabilitation, including advice and assistance with returning to work following treatment and maintaining work if fatigue is making this difficult.  We can liaise with employers, occupational health practitioners or educational establishments if you need us to do so.

How to access our service

You can be referred to the Macmillan Step Up service for cancer survivors by your GP or specialist cancer team.  The service is for those aged 18 and over who have completed their primary treatment for cancer (any type) and are currently in remission or stable, but who are experiencing significant fatigue which makes coping with everyday tasks a challenge.

For referral advice or for further information, please contact Ute Elwell, administrator/referrals co-ordinator:
E-mail Ute.Elwell@rnhrd.nhs.uk
Tel.01225 473 456
Fax 01225 473411

Referral form and criteria:  V5 January 2013 page 1/4. Downloadable from www.rnhrd.nhs.uk/174

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